There is another layer of learning that goes hand in hand with your child’s individual academic plan or class. Study and executive functioning skills are essential in school, personal life and, later on, in the workforce.
The teaching approach at Blue Marble cultivates emotional intelligence and study skills through questioning, discussion, and through each individual student’s program.


  • Asking significant questions
  • Creating new and worthwhile ideas
  • Showing originality and inventiveness in work

Mental flexibility

  • Generating and applying multiple strategies to solve problems
  • Solving problems in both conventional and innovative ways
  • Exercising flexibility of thoughts and perspectives

Self reflection

  • Understanding self and personal learning styles, challenges and intelligences
  • Applying responsible behaviors in sessions
  • Considering ethical and safety factors through choices
  • Managing time in constructive ways


  • Demonstrating skills related to achieving personal goals
  • Assuming responsibility for assignments or projects
  • Demonstrating organizational and time-management skills
  • Executing a high and focused level of concentration when needed


  • Recognizing and respecting differing opinions, ideas and feelings
  • Evaluating alternative points of view
  • Demonstrating cultural competency appropriate to developmental level
  • Using communication skills to interact effectively

Growth mindset

  • Seeing challenges as opportunities
  • Taking risks to become a better learner
  • Understanding that intelligences can be developed
  • Elaborating, refining and evaluating original ideas to improve efforts


  • Showing perseverance in completing difficult tasks
  • Showing motivation and effort
  • Understanding that intelligences can be developed
  • Viewing failure as an opportunity to learn

Critical thinking

  • Using various types of reasoning (inductive and deductive)
  • Making connections between systems and information
  • Listening and speaking effectively

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