1 on 1 School

The Blue Marble 1 on 1 School Program

A unique model for families and students (Approximately grades 4-8) who need daytime flexibility. It is ideal for families and children who have outside pursuits and would like a "relaxed yet structured" environment with academics for a shorter time each day (such as athletes or actors), or for students who would benefit from a school day that starts mid-morning. Each child’s program is individually crafted, taking into account learning styles, academic levels, individual strengths and challenges. Your child’s program will consist of core academic subjects (mathematics, language arts, reading, social sciences) that meet California educational requirements but that are taught with an engaging, hands on approach. Essential history and geographical knowledge as well as scientific concepts and principles are reinforced through these hands on activities. Programs include educational remediation or acceleration as needed.
"Brain break" activities include gardening, cooking, and woodworking. Blue Marble provides a stable, down-to-earth, joyful child-centered home-away-from-home. Note: this is a very small program with limited enrollment and is not a traditional school environment, though it runs on a normal school calendar (start date, September 5, 2017).

Schedules are Flexible

If a child is fully engaged in learning, or would like extra time to finish an activity or project, we run with this! The samples below are to give a taste of a four-hour program and overall weekly instructional minutes. Schedules are planned with families to meet individual needs.