Educational Remediation in Reading, Writing and Math (Educational Therapy)

Individual programs for your child’s needs are carefully crafted based on interpretation of outside testing/diagnosis, or academic testing conducted through Blue Marble. These programs address challenges in memory, reading and language, auditory processing, visual processing and attention. Programs in Reading and Writing are needs-based, and are a combination of a variety of research-based programs. Math remediation programs are based on Singapore Math Strategies, Visualization Strategies, Marcy Cook, and many others. Students generally attend 1-3 times per week for one hour per session

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Homework / Tutoring Plus

Individual programs for your child’s needs are crafted using research-based programs (see above) in conjunction with homework and tutoring. Children are able to complete homework with a feeling of success, while receiving targeted instruction in areas of challenge. Day to day application of skills is emphasized. Intensive tutoring sessions are also available, which stresses meeting the academic standards of your child's school. Students generally attend 1-3 times per week for one hour per session.

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School entrance tests often seem to test a completely different set of skills than is taught at a student’s school. Test preparation is often crammed and stressful on students with the addition of extra homework as well as trying to learn brand new concepts and skills (especially in math). Our suggestion is that your student begin test preparation (for fall/winter testing) at least four months prior to the test. In this way:

  • Skills are transferable to school curriculum and used at school, not just on the test.
  • Skills that are taught at Blue Marble are learned, not crammed and quickly forgotten.
  • Preparing for a school entrance test is an enjoyable, non-stressful experience.
  • The test makes sense to the student.
  • Students feel confident and well-prepared on test day.
  • Students have acquired solid writing skills to be used throughout their lives.
  • Planning and organizational skills can be taught in context through test preparation.

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Construct Therapy – The 3 R’s Plus a W (Woodworking)

In this innovative and motivating program, the student’s individual program is supplemented with a half-hour woodworking design class. Programs contain a design component (such as using the writing process to write out steps to make a project out of wood), which is then made in our wood shop. Not only is this program fun, it fosters critical thinking, writing, and fine motor skills while offering targeted academic support or remediation. Students generally attend 1-2 times per week for 11/2 hour per session.

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Take the mystery and anxiety out of standardized tests. Prepare for the CTP-4 (commonly known as the ERB test), the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), or general standardized tests. The number of sessions ranges from 5-10 for one hour each.

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Kindergarten Readiness Testing

What are schools looking for in their Kindergarten applicants? Will your child be ready for your school of choice? Blue Marble Learning and Consulting offers a complete Readiness Diagnostic that will look at the developmental, social and academic profile of your child. From this diagnostic, recommendations are made to support your child’s learning, growth and success in school and at home. This process takes the mystery out of how students are selected for Kindergarten. The testing process takes approximately 2 hours over 2-3 sessions.

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